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  JT-E100K  Kit
  JT-E100B  PCB only

 M-Series Modules:

  M-28K  Kit
  M-28B  PCB only

  M-20K  Kit
  M-20B  PCB only

 Compilers and

  ImageCraft ICC430
  Quadravox AQ430



 Interface Cables:

  JTAG: IDC-14
  JTAG: FFC-10

  Parallel Port: PPC-25L

 Prototyping Tools:

  Solder Paste 
  Applicator: SPA-3






M-28K, MSP430 Microcontroller Module (Kit)

Part #: M-28K

Price: $19.95



This is the Kit version of the M-28P-1232 Module. The PC-board supports all of the MSP430F12xxIDW, 28-pin SOIC devices. All components accept the MSP430 flash memory microcontroller are included with the KIt. Samples of the MSP430 flash memory microcontroller can be requested through Texas Instruments website.

The M-28K module can be directly connected to EMBEDDEDkits, JT-E100A, JT-E100K or JT-E100B JTAG Interface Tools. It can also be connected to Texas Instruments MSP-FET430 FET Tool, or compatible JTAG Interface board equipped with a 14-pin IDC-type connector by using SoftBaugh JFPC Adapter.

Take a look at our pre-filled Solder Paste Applicator SPA-3. Its an ideal tool for dispensing solder paste onto SMT pads.

      Features and specifications:

  • Small PC-Board, 2.0” x 7/8”
  • Supports all of the MSP430F12xxIDW, 28-pin SOIC Flash Microcontrollers
  • See M-28P-1232 Module for additional specifications

      What is included:

  • PC-Board
  • All components accept the MSP430 Flash Microcontroller
  • 32.768Khz cylindrical Crystal
  • User’s Guide (quick-start, printed version) with  schematic
  • Download User's Guide (full version) and Kit Assembly Guide from website



M-28 User's Guide
M-28 Kit Assembly Guide
JTAG Connector wiring details
M-28 Schematic

Support Products (optional):

JT-E100A, JTAG Interface Tool (assembled)
JT-E100K, JTAG Interface Tool (Kit)
JT-E100B, JTAG Interface Tool (PCB only)


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