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We develop electronic kits All of our PC-Boards are manufactured and assembled in the USA     msp430 development tools and electronic kits
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 MSP430 Development

  Bundled Systems

  JT-E100K  Kit
  JT-E100B  PCB only

 M-Series Modules:
  M-28K  Kit
  M-28B  PCB only

  M-20K  Kit
  M-20B  PCB only

  Compilers and

  ImageCraft ICC430
  Quadravox AQ430


 Interface Cables:
  JTAG: IDC-14
  JTAG: FFC-10

  Parallel Port: PPC-25L

 Prototyping Tools:
  Solder Paste 
  Dispenser: SPA-3



World’s first MSP430, JTAG Interface Tool
available fully-assembled or as an easy-to-build Kit...

EMBEDDEDkits JT-EASY™ is an MSP430 Flash Microcontroller, JTAG Interface Tool with built-in features and modes-of-operation not available in similar products. It is functionally equivalent (with enhanced features) to Texas Instruments MSP-FET430 FET Tool, and is compatible with Texas Instruments MSP430 Target Socket Modules, IAR Kickstart, ImageCraft, and Quadravox MSP430 "C" Compiler + Assembler, and other MSP430 evaluation boards.

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JT-EASY is available fully-assembled; JT-E100A, or as an easy-to-build Kit; JT-E100K. When combined with IAR Kickstart (available free), or other compatible third-party emulation software, it makes an ideal development platform for MSP430 based products or systems. With a host PC, JT-EASY can be used to program or erase the Target MSP430 microcontroller flash memory, or to write and debug firmware.

 LX has a highly skilled team of firmware and embedded systems developers capable of delivering even the most complex, low-level embedded software projects.

LCD Display Module


Rackmount Chassis


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Solder Paste Dispenser Solder Paste
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Due to repeated requests from valued customers, our Solder Paste Dispenser is now available again!
The SPA-3 is ideal for building prototype PC Boards by hand, that require SMT components.

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